The beginning of our journey

Through all my research on ABA, son-rise and diet I have decided to create my own parental therapy program. In conjunction with his speech, OT and play groups we will be trying our own methods. In doing so I have created a new blog to log all our findings and journey. To follow our journey please follow our new blog


Look closer

There must be something said.
For it bothers me immensely.
A stereotype that lingers around Autism. I hear over and over “he just looks with a blank stare”, “he just looks blank”, “he looks right through me”. Are you for real? Is that really what you see?

Look closer. LOOK closer. That “blank stare” is really a deeper soul. A soul trying to take in all the vivid colours, sounds and smells of the world. I don’t see a blank stare, I see a beautiful soul who has so much to offer. A deeper view on the world.

When my son was born, the nurses all gathered around this pink squishy bundle of delight with hair as fair as snow. I remember a nurse who took such a liking to my little boy say “he looks like a old wise man”. And he did. She saw it! The deep, wise soul of my child. Not a blank stare.

So next time, look closer. Get lost in his eyes and you will see…he’s looking at you and the beauty of everything else all at once. He has an intensity of feeling that is so deep it goes right through him. After all isn’t there sayings “I could get lost in his eyes” or “the eyes are the window to the soul”? That’s it. That’s it.


imageWhen my son was diagnosed with Autism it was like a kick to the stomach. It was hard to take in and I had floods of tears for many months. But then I realised it’s not a terrible thing. He may need more help them others, attending speech, OT and group. But he is healthy, affectionate, smart and doing really well. Above all he is HAPPY! Now isn’t that the most important thing??

For my son….

People stare with uncertainty,
Why does he rock like that?
Why does he jump and spin and clap,
Shake his hands and flap?

Why does he not respond to me,
Or look me in the eye?
Why does he play alone and hum,
Not notice me walk by?

He may be different, yes that’s true.
He does things his own way.
But he’s amazing none the less,
He shows it everyday.

He sees beauty in everything and never judges you.
He is gentle and kind,
Affectionate and true.

You may think he is ignorant,
But no that’s not the case.
He’s really focusing on your voice,
He just can’t focus on your face.

It’s hard to process information,
It’s hard for him to speak.
But he’ll flourish just like everyone,
His future is not bleak.

So take a chance to get to know him, take the time to see.
That despite he has some differences,
He’s just like you or me.

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The blades of grass are razor sharp,
The wind is icy cold.
I may be young, but in my mind I’m feeling rather old.
For I’ve no place to call my home,

imageNo house, no room, no bed.
I’ve got no where that I can lay and rest my weary head.
The streets are overcrowded with too many homeless weeping.
And I am one of many thousand, on the cold hard concrete sleeping.

There are currently 105,237 people who are homeless in Australia alone.

In the night

When the darkness comes and the world is silent in it’s peaceful state.
That’s when the thoughts swim round my mind, it’s already much too late.
The clock is ticking, taunting me.
It’s going much to slow.
I need some rest my body says but my mind just tells me no.image
Anxiety creeps in to my bed, like a friend I know too well.
The awful feeling crushing me, and I’ve no one to tell.
Soon the sun will rise and shine a single ray of light.
And I know I’ll be ok today, at least until tonight.

My child

imageI prayed for you before you were born,
thinking of you from dark till dawn.
My soul, my child, I’ll always cherish.
My love for you will never perish. Our life is not the same as most.
But you are my child and I’ll always boast.
For the beauty and love you bring each day.
You only speak in your own special way.
Autism may be apart of our calling.
But one things for sure it will never be boring.